What to put in a hot cocoa gift basket? (2023)

What to give as a gift with hot chocolate?

MARSHMALLOWS. Marshmallows and whipped cream are the perfect topping for hot chocolate and cocoa. You can buy marshmallows at the grocery store or at Williams Sonoma and various other specialty shops or you can make them. Homemade marshmallows are so easy to make and they are scrumptious.

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What pairs well with hot chocolate?

12 Tasty Treats That Pair Perfectly With Hot Chocolate
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies.
  • Whoopie Pies.
  • Kettle Corn Snack Mix.
  • Cheesecake Bites.
  • Peanut Butter Lasagna.
  • Chocolate Fudge.
  • Churros.
  • Rolled Wafers.
Mar 29, 2023

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What do you put in a coffee and chocolate gift basket?

Chocolate and coffee go together like peanut butter and jelly, and people who enjoy one typically like the other, so adding some expensive chocolates or a chocolate-covered cookie to your basket may really make it pop. Other chocolate treats to offer are chocolate covered spoons or edible chocolate straws.

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What snacks go best with hot chocolate?

Salted soft and crunchy pretzels, spiced roasted almonds, roasted nuts, toasted pumpkin seeds, or tamari roasted chickpeas or almonds are excellent companions to the sweet chocolate. Pairing the sweet beverage with a morsel of salty cheese on a crunchy seed cracker is also a tasty option.

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What is a really good hot chocolate?

Best Overall: Williams Sonoma Classic Hot Chocolate

Getting its rich, decadent flavor from shavings of Guittard chocolate rather than cocoa powder, this classic mix from Williams Sonoma takes the cake for our top hot chocolate this holiday season.

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What is traditionally added to hot chocolate?

Hot chocolate, also known as hot cocoa or drinking chocolate, is a heated drink consisting of shaved or melted chocolate or cocoa powder, heated milk or water, and usually a sweetener. It is often garnished with whipped cream or marshmallows.

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What is a hot cocoa bomb kit?

HOT COCOA BOMB SUPPLIES: Our Hot chocolate bombs kit contains 2 non stick molds for hot chocolate bombs, 1 bag of melting chocolate, 4 hot chocolate packets, festive sprinkles, pink chocolate, drizzle, party confetti and mini marshmallows.

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How to make a simple chocolate box?

  1. Melt dipping chocolate according to package directions; dip strawberries into chocolate and allow excess to drip off. ...
  2. Cut candy bars in half widthwise. ...
  3. Meanwhile, in a small bowl, whisk milk and pudding mix for 2 minutes. ...
  4. Place boxes on serving plates. ...
  5. Reheat dipping chocolate if necessary.
Sep 30, 2022

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What milk tastes best with hot chocolate?

Cow's Milk | This milk does pair well with Chocolate and enhances the flavours for a creamy hot chocolate.

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How do you keep hot chocolate warm for a party?

How do you keep hot chocolate warm at a party? It's important to serve the hot chocolate in a stainless steel Thermos that will keep hot chocolate warm on the bar. You can even label it hot chocolate and one for water if you're using hot chocolate sticks.

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How many hot chocolate packs in a box?

Hot Cocoa Mix, Regular, 1.38 Ounce Packet, 50 Packets/Box.

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How do you make a hot chocolate bag better?

An easy way to add extra flavor to any cup of cocoa—be it out of the box or homemade—is to add a touch of your favorite spices. A sprinkle of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, nutmeg or even cayenne can all be welcome warming additions.

What to put in a hot cocoa gift basket? (2023)

What goes well in a coffee gift basket?

Here are ten things you should always be sure to include in your coffee gift basket.
  • Coffee. Well, obviously, but it would be quite embarrassing to leave this out. ...
  • More Coffee. ...
  • Flavored Syrup. ...
  • Biscuits. ...
  • Chocolate. ...
  • Cocoa. ...
  • Tea. ...
  • A Mug.
Mar 8, 2017

What are some things to put in a gift basket?

  • Holiday Gift Sets.
  • Packaging.
  • Water Bottles.
  • Snacks & Beverages.
  • Travel Mugs & Tumblers.
  • Coffee Mugs.
  • Apparel.
  • Outerwear.
Nov 24, 2022

What do you fill a gift basket with?

Choose a gift basket filler. Some examples include shredded newspaper, shredded tissue paper, Easter grass, large pieces of confetti, packing straw or colored foam balls. There is no right or wrong type of filler for a basket. Just choose something you like and/or that you feel matches the contents of the gift basket.

What do you put on a hot chocolate and coffee bar?

Peppermint sticks, biscotti, cookie crumbles, white chocolate shavings, crushed candies, toffee, sea salt, cinnamon sticks, and even your favorite local sweet goodies are all good to include.

What do you call hot chocolate with coffee?

Caffè mocha, in its most basic formulation, can also be referred to as hot chocolate with (e.g., a shot of) espresso added. Like cappuccino, caffè mochas typically contain the distinctive milk froth on top; as is common with hot chocolate, they are sometimes served with whipped cream instead.

What do you call hot chocolate mixed with coffee?

What exactly is mocha? A mocha is a blend of a cappuccino and a hot chocolate. Like a cappuccino it contains espresso, warm milk and a frothy top but it also contains a sweet chocolatey twist using either chocolate powder, chocolate syrup or melted chocolate.

What is the difference between hot chocolate and hot cocoa?

Ingredients: Hot chocolate gets its deep, chocolatey flavor from the base of thick, melted chocolate. Warm liquids like water, milk, or cream are added to make the drink liquid. Hot cocoa, however, is made from a powdered base of cocoa, sugar, and added flavorings.

What is the difference between hot chocolate and hot chocolate?

Hot Cocoa has a thinner consistency and tends to be creamier and sweeter because of the additives. True Hot Chocolate, on the other hand, is much richer and denser; it can also have bittersweet notes depending on the type and percentage of pure cacao used as the base.

What is the best chocolate to use for hot cocoa?

Guittard – My absolute favorite, and a good balance of affordability and quality. Pretty easy to find, and I get mine at Whole Foods or Target. Callebaut – I tend to only find this in big block form, at Whole Foods or other specialty stores.

How do you make a hot chocolate stand?

For a simple hot chocolate station you need: Cups, napkins, spoons or stirring sticks, a container of hot chocolate, or packets of hot chocolate with hot milk or hot water. Try adding fun toppings like whipping cream, marshmallows, candy canes, sprinkles and flavored syrups.

Why is Mexican hot chocolate so good?

Mexican Hot Chocolate has a more noticeable rich chocolate taste, it's not overly sweet, and spices like cinnamon and chili are added to it to give it a unique flavor profile. If you like a treat that's not sickly sweet, you'll also love my Mexican Hot Chocolate Lava Cake recipe!

What is the American name for hot chocolate?

It's more often known as hot chocolate in North America, but in most of the English-speaking world, cocoa is also the name for a hot, sweet, and milky drink made with cacao powder.

Can you put creamer in hot chocolate?

You can use any flavored creamer you have to whip up a creamy, flavored hot chocolate. My favorites have been using vanilla or hazelnut creamer. Or you can even get creative and mix creamer flavors to make unique flavor combos…a very good idea.

How do you give cocoa bombs as a gift?

The easiest and most affordable way to package this food gift is with cellophane treat bags. Another great options is a holiday treat box for a more formal packaging. Place the cellophane wrapped hot cocoa bomb in a mug tied with a bow for a special packaged treat.

How big should hot cocoa bombs be?

The spheres should be 2 inches in diameter; smaller spheres don't hold enough hot cocoa mix, and bigger spheres won't fit in a standard mug.

Are hot cocoa bombs better with milk or water?

While you can technically use water instead of milk to melt the hot cocoa bombs, we do not recommend this as it may result in a less rich and flavorful hot chocolate. If you prefer a more diluted hot chocolate, however, feel free to experiment with different liquids and adjust the amount of bomb used accordingly.

What do you put in a chocolate station?

What Do I Need to Create a Hot Chocolate Station?
  1. Hot Chocolate (using cocoa or real chocolate creations such as our Hot Chocolate Bombes or Hot Chocolate Stirrers.)
  2. Mini Marshmallows.
  3. Mini Fudge Pieces.
  4. Chopped Nuts.
  5. Chocolate Chips / Chocolate Curls.
  6. Whipped / Spray Cream (keep refrigerated until needed)
Apr 20, 2021

How many pieces are in a chocolate box?

A single Amul chocolate box (Amul Chocominis) contains 50 pieces approximately. 2.

How to make a chocolate bouquet in a basket?

Here are the steps you must take to make your chocolate bouquet from scratch.
  1. Step 1: Select Your Recipient's Favourite Chocolate or Snack. ...
  2. Step 2: Glue Your Treats. ...
  3. Step 3: Create Your Bouquet Box. ...
  4. Step 4: Place Foam at the Bottom of Your Chocolate Bouquet Box. ...
  5. Step 5: Add Coloured Tissue Paper. ...
  6. Step 6: Add the Chocolates.
Jan 7, 2022

What is chocolate box style?

Chocolate box art originally referred literally to decorations on chocolate boxes. Over the years, however, the terminology has changed; it is now applied broadly as an often pejorative term to describe paintings and designs that are overly idealistic and sentimental.

What's a chocolate box?

: superficially pretty or sentimental.


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