How to say something is hot in spanish? (2024)

How to say something is hot in spanish?

Hace calor (Literally, “it makes heat”; more idiomatically, “it's hot”), as in it's hot outside, it's hot in here… we just say “hace calor”

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What is Mexican slang for hot?


Guapo means handsome or hot, while guapa translates to beautiful or hot. ¡Mi papá es el más guapo del mundo!

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What is the Spanish word that means enough?

If you want to say “enough” in Spanish, you can simply say “suficiente.”

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How do you say enough in Spanish adverb?

Expressing quantity in Spanish. Poco (little), mucho (much), demasiado (too much), bastante (enough), and suficiente (enough/sufficient) all express an undefined quantity. Note that in Spanish these adjectives agree with the noun they modify.

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What is the Mexican slang for hot girl?

hot girl {noun}

ricura {f} [LAm.]

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What do Papi Chulo mean?

Where does papi chulo come from? Getty. A direct translation of papi chulo from Spanish is “pimp daddy,” with papi being a diminutive form of “father” (and used like “baby”) and chulo meaning “pimp” but also “attractive,” “co*cky,” or “cool” in colloquial settings.

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How do you say you're hot?

Synonyms of sexy
  1. desirable.
  2. hot.
  3. luscious.
  4. toothsome.
  5. seductive.
  6. dishy.
  7. bodacious.
  8. foxy.

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What is the meaning of El Vive?

Translation of "el vive" in English. He lives.

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What is simpático in meaning is?

Simpático is an adjective that means nice or friendly.

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What Bamos means?

(dated, Eastern Marinduque) come on!; let's go!

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Is there another word for enough?

Some common synonyms of enough are adequate, competent, and sufficient. While all these words mean "being what is necessary or desirable," enough is less exact in suggestion than sufficient. do you have enough food?

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What is a demasiado slang?

Demasiado is a common adjective or adverb that usually carries the idea of "too," "too much," "too many," "excessive" or "excessively."

How to say something is hot in spanish? (2024)

What is the synonym for enough?

Synonyms of enough (adj.

abundant. adequate. ample. full. sufficient.

What is Mexican slang for flirt?

The Spanish Verb for “to Flirt”: Coquetear

There are several verbs to say “to flirt” in Spanish, but the most common one is coquetear.

What is Mexican slang for cute?

11. Chulo/a – Cute. In some Spanish-speaking countries, chulo/a is another way to say “cute” or “pretty.” Although it can be similar to the Spanish word lindo/a, chulo/a also expresses that a girl is beautiful. ¡Que chula eres!

What do Mexicans call pretty girls?

Say “hermosa mujer.” This means “beautiful woman” in Spanish. To say “beautiful girl,” you would say "niña hermosa."

Can I call my boyfriend Papi?

Papi is a colloquial term for “daddy” in Spanish, but in many Spanish-speaking cultures, particularly in the Caribbean, it is often used as a general term of affection for any man, whether it's a relative, friend, or lover.

Can I call my boyfriend Papi Chulo?

Papi Chulo

This directly translates to “handsome daddy” but is used by partners to refer to their boyfriends as an attractive man. It is a way to call your boyfriend handsome and to let him know you find him very attractive.

Can I call my bf chulo?

Chulo / Chula

Meaning cutie, this one is used on children, adults, men and women equally. Something that is commonly said is “qué chula” which means “how cute.”

How do you say hot in a flirty way?

If you want to be a bit more flirty in your response, here are some ideas:
  1. Thanks! You're not so bad yourself.
  2. I'm blushing! Thanks for the compliment.
  3. Aww, I'm flattered!
  4. I think you're looking pretty hot yourself.
  5. Thanks, I try to look my best.
  6. I'm glad you noticed!
  7. Thanks for noticing. 😉
  8. I try!
Jan 6, 2023

What is a fancy way to say it is hot?

If it's very hot, here's what you could say… It's sweltering! It's boiling hot! We're having a heatwave!

How do you say hot nicely?

  1. Fit ​(not used in the US) The main meaning of ​'fit'​is that the person is healthy and exercises a lot, but it has also come to mean attractive, and especially someone with a nice body. Wow, that guy standing at the bar is so ​fit​!
  2. Foxy. Think of the Jimi Hendrix song “​Foxy Lady​. ...
  3. Gorgeous. ...
  4. Hot. ...
  5. Ravishing. ...
  6. Stunning.

What does Vive la Roi mean?

: long live the king.

What does Vive la Belle mean?

La vie est belle, meaning life is beautiful in French is the expression of a new era.

What does Vive en paz mean?

Translation of "vive en paz" in English. Verb. live in peace.


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